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consulting and reviews on leases

Do you lease equipment? 8 out of 10 companies do.

What type of capital equipment leases do you have? Computers and furniture...printing forklifts...industrial.

Do your leases contain 'gotchas' - those hidden problems that add extra costs to your leases? Chances are they do. Our independent lease experts find the problems and save you money.

How we help businesses...

  • International law firm reduced its lease spend by $1.2 million when it moved its headquarters.
  • Commercial printer saved $32,000 when it assumed leases in an acquisition.
  • Food processing manufacturer reduced its annual total lease spend more than $100,000 when it renewed its technology leases and upgraded computers.

consulting and reviews on leases

independent lease reviewThe LeaseSpeak System: Easy-to-use tools and interactive forms to find immediate savings in your equipment leases. Learn more.

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consulting and reviews

Our equipment lease experts review leases, find the problems and negotiate them out. You save money or our services are free. Guaranteed!
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"Rookie to pro" strategies and techniques. Expert training in leases or negotiation workshops, or keynote presentations.

  • Lease reviews, analysis and management
  • Negotiation training
  • Business keynotes
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